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SokusenChinese offers a practical and effective customized solution to learning-Mandarin in Tokyo Japan that really works.  We have three main components:

Expert Consulting Coach with


One-on-One Tutoring


     Practical and Effective 

       Customized Solution


Private Daily Support to

Keep Up with the Study


Road Map



Expert Consulting Coach with


One-on-One Tutoring

It begins with in-depth analysis of your purposes and needs, as well as how steps to successfully set up your goals with OKR. (Objective Key Results)

1. What I have to accomplish ? The answer provides the objective.
2. How am I going to get this done ? The answers are the key results.


Setting up your OKR of learning Mandarin is the basis for your study journey.

Objective and Key Results are what take forward in Mandarin studying. 

They are the first steps to Mandarin study you take and are also your last. 


     Practical and Effective 

       Customized Solution

Customized Curriculum and Practical and Logical Methods

In order to achieve your OKR. We offer best customized curriculum and study methods for you. ​Our consulting coach will keep you on track, by the solution we’ve offered and according to your OKR. Our consulting coach will train in the solutions you need to learn most efficiently, and regularly discuss your progress. Speaking Practice Activities Tutoring will help you immensely, but the inescapable fact is that you need to practice speaking with logical ways and focused tops. We regularly provide you with this Practical and Logical practice.


Private Daily Support to

Keep Up with The Study

In order to achieve your OKR , you should be thinking about how to get better at time management and organize your days so you can strike the right balance between busy work , home and  private life.


To create your study schedule

Here what we help with  improving your time management is absolutely everything that you have to do first.

To avoid procrastination by our daily App support

One way to avoid procrastination is to make things easy. Here what we help with offering daily easy study contents only need your 30 mins to make studying actually somewhat enjoyable.


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